About Us

Mr. Gold specializes in the making of handcrafted gelatos, authentic Italian pastries, event hosting and English afternoon tea.
All of our gelatos are made in-store using fresh, whole ingredients.
We use fresh fruit, whole nuts, organic milk, cream and cane sugar. Mr. Gold continues to dedicate making premium gelato with craftsmanship techniques passed down from 19th century Europe. Mr. Gold’s is the gold standard of gelato.

Gelato / Sorbet

Gelato and Ice cream are popular frozen desserts, while Gelato is softer, but traditionally gelato has a much lower fat content. Our Gelato tastes dense and low in calories. Our gelato is made from the secret recipe of the Italian master. The materials are selected from organic products and high-quality ingredients. We have various flavors, among which the most popular are: oreo, chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, cherry mania, etc.

Pastries / Cakes

Only delicious pastries can not be disappointed, a bite of cake can remove your upset. Our cakes are made by professional chefs, using the highest quality of materials to meet various customers’ various needs. Our goal is to pursue healthy, safe and assured pastries. The fruits are selected as high-quality fresh fruits. Milk and eggs are selected from high-quality organic products.